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Post  Chaos Black on Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:12 am

Well everyone this is the official plan of action.

The main homepage will be up and running real soon, but the VB forum will take a little longer. =P
But we will have a phpBB forum on the new site whilst we wait for the VB.

Also like I said I'm thinking big and as for needing staff members I meant it when I said it, but when I said staff members for the homepage I never meant mods for the forum, you see I'm thinking BIG, I want loads of new features for the homepage, infact I want the homepage to be bigger than the forum this time round.
So yeah I will be needing new types of staff members real soon.

Also expect Cj, Stray, Abi and Alpha to be on the staff list anyway. XD
The reason Cj and Stray will be staff on the forum and the homepage this time round is because there efforts here have proven VERY VERY worthy. =)
Congratulations to them both.

Also the reason I've been offline all week is because I've had very little internet access and my laptop is currently under repair.
But rest assured that when my laptop is fixed I will be online EVERYDAY again. Wink

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