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The Legend of Zelda: Winter Howl Empty The Legend of Zelda: Winter Howl

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The Legend of Zelda
Winter Howl
Chapter One
Winter Beauty
Snow fell like a veil upon the hamlet, everything draped in the pure white of a new winter dawn, the morning light obscured by the thick blankets of icy grey clouds and curtains of snow. The grazing fields of the ranch were empty as the cattle rested inside the barn on piles of hay, cuddled together for warmth from the cold elements. The small village of Ordon loved this time of year.
A young man came out of his snow-covered tree house and climbed down the ladder, jumping off the steps a few feet above the white earth. He pocketed his hands into his hoary black cloak and walked towards a brown mare that neighed at his presence.
“Good morning girl,” the boy said with a soft voice and stroked the horse’s mane, “ready for today’s trip?” A light flurry of white brushed against his cheeks and tinged them pink.
The mare neighed again and bobbed her head. He chuckled, “That’s great to hear Epona, let me go fetch the sleigh and we’ll pick up Ilia.” The boy marched towards a crude shack behind the tree house and opened the doors, revealing a large ivory white sleigh with golden intricacies etched into it. “I must thank him for giving this to me.” He said touching the ivory wood. He grabbed the leather harness and pulled it out and back to Epona.
A moment later, he had Epona hooked to the harness and the he climbed into the sleigh. “Alright girl, let’s go.” he said and snapped the reins. The sled lurched and the horse trotted past the wooden gates and into the village.
“Link!” cried a voice as the young man came riding through the gates. A little girl, accompanied by a boy about her age, ran towards him. “Good morning Link.” She said with a beaming smile.
“Are you set for the trip?” the boy asked.
“Good morning Beth, Talo. Yes I’m all ready; I made my list and checked it twice.” Link said and the children laughed. “Is Ilia ready to go?”
“Yeah she is, and she’s very beautiful, just you wait and see.” Beth replied.
Epona came to a stop in front of a circular house and Link climbed out of the sleigh. He walked up the steps with the children following close behind, and rapped on the door. The door swung open and a hefty man stood in the doorway. He wore a white wool sweater and blue pants that accommodated his large gut, and a sharp bone piercing his large nostrils.
“Ah, good morning Link.” he said slapping a hand on Link’s shoulder, “Why don’t you come in out of the cold?” The large man led Link and the children inside and sat them near a raging fireplace.
“Care for some hot chocolate to warm the spirits?” he asked.
“That would be great Bo, thanks.” Link replied and the children agreed.
Bo went into the kitchen, came back a few minutes later with three mugs of steaming cocoa, and handed them to his guests.
“So, where are you and Ilia going?” Bo asked as he sat down in his reclining chair.
Link took a small sip from his mug, “We’re going on a trip to the Northern Mounts, there’s a couple that lives in Snowpeak and I would like to visit them with Ilia.”
“So that means you’ll be away for quite some time, eh? Make sure that you- ah, there you are Ilia.” Bo said seeing his daughter walk into the room. Everyone turned around and saw a beautiful young girl in her late adolescence walking to the side of her father.
She wore a tight white sweater that insinuated her ample chest and tight blue jeans that complemented her hips. Khaki boots with white fur at the top and a wool cap fitted atop her short blonde hair. However, her most striking features were her beautiful emerald green eyes that stared at Link and her beautiful smile she always wore.
“Hello Link.” She said, her cheeks becoming rosy.
Link stood up and walked over to her. “Wow, you look amazing Ilia, may the goddesses be jealous.” Link said and kissed her on her cheek, making her blush a bright cherry hue.
Bo cleared his throat, “Alright you two, not in front of the children.” Talo and Beth giggled.
Link and Ilia broke away embarrassed, “I think it’s time for us to go. Are you ready Ilia?” Link asked.
“Yes, let’s go.” Ilia answered picking her khaki coat of the coat hanger.
Outside, the snow had stopped falling and the clouds began to break, allowing a few strands of morning light to elbow its way to the snow-capped surface. Link helped Ilia into the sleigh and climbed in himself.
“Have a safe trip.” Bo called out and waved.
Link and Ilia waved back. “Don’t worry, we will.” Link responded, he whipped the reins, and they rode out of the gates and into the surrounding forest.
“Our little girl is growing up too fast, don’t you agree Lily?” Bo whispered as he turned his eyes to the cool blue sky, as if speaking to someone in the heavens. He took one last look and lost sight of them through the trees then went back inside his warm house.

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