The Legend of Zelda: Advent Dystopia

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The Legend of Zelda: Advent Dystopia

Post  Stray_of_Hyrule on Wed Sep 17, 2008 4:42 pm

The Legend of Zelda
Advent Dystopia

Set in the Hylian Cyber Age three millennia into the future. In this time, all things related to the archaic kingdoms of yore have been made obsolete: the magic, the gods, the legends, everything has been deleted, replaced by quickly advancing technology and science. The old age regarded as myth.

Stretching for almost a hundred kilometers in all directions, Hyrule Metropolis is the assimilation of the all the cities and villages of the old Hyrule; from the land of the Gorons to the border in the Neo-Gerudo Desert, from the Snowpeak Range in the north to the hills of Ordona province in the south.

But, this grand city of steel, glass, and lights is on the brink of destruction. An underground organization called Section K is stirring and they call for change.

Areas you can RP in, all in the Hyrule Metropolis of course (seeing that takes up the whole of Hyrule):

1.Hyrule Presidential Palace
2.Hyrule Senate
3.Cathedral of Time
4.Lanaryu Sector- Upper Class Section
5.Eldin Sector- Middle Class Section
6.Faron Sector- Business Sector
7.Ordona Sector- Low Class Section
8.Gerudo Fortress- Max Security Prison Section
9.Hyrule Catacombs aka Undercity- Poverty Section
10.Zora's Domain
11.Zora's River
12.Lake Hylia
13.Goron Town
14.Death Mountain, Trail, Crater
15.Echo Company (Hylian Vanguard members)
16.Subway Adjunct K (Section K members)
17.(more coming, have to think of them first)

Remember, this is the FUTURE, that means futuristic stuff, i.e Space ships, Mecha, robots, flying cars, the likes. Anything Cyber-y will do, like virtual clubs, cyber cafés, etc.

Do not post yet. Theres some kinks to work out....

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