Well I have made my return.

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Well I have made my return.

Post  Chaos Black on Thu Sep 11, 2008 2:32 pm

Well if you have been on SS recently there is no need to explain. XD

But I'm back and KK.com is going to make it's return soon.

But seriously if you have no idea whats going on get your backside on SS and read the announcments cause I'm far to lazy to explain it all here. =P

Anyway this is a little wierd. =P
So much has happened to me this past summer. XD!!

But first how about all of you, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Chaos Black

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Re: Well I have made my return.

Post  Guest on Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:37 pm

Hey! Long time no speak..

Hope we can put the bad things behind us and be mates?


xH. alien


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Re: Well I have made my return.

Post  Jmoyer on Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:46 pm

Its great to see ya again man, we shall rebuild this.

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Re: Well I have made my return.

Post  Cjfidler on Sun Sep 14, 2008 3:26 pm

chaosblack wrote:Right people, I've been offline for a while since my laptop has broken, BUT, I'm getting it fixed soon so, I'm gonna start Kokiri Kids again.

Tell everyone you can!!!

I'm deadly serious about this, it's about time we get our beloved site back.

On the lighter side, I've had an incredible summer!!
Real life really hit me and I've been progressing in the truth also, on top of that the real world really has been trying to grab ahold of me, so many incredible things have happened during my time offline.
Also I'm so excited by the release of Warioland the Shake Dimension for the Wii!! =D
I plan to buy a copy REAL soon!!

I've also sold my Ps3 to my older brother for the sum of 200 pounds so I have a little money to get the site started again. Wink

Now, there seems to be log in problems with SS at the moment, but when KK.com is up and running again I plan to delete SS and move the back up on the KK.com server.

I will be employing Alpha and Joey (KOS) as fellow admins straight away and with there help KK.com will shine again. =)

Sorry I've taken so long to restore the site and I will not be leaving it again either.

Expect the site up and running again by the end of the month.



Chaos Black Very Happy Razz

Wow news does spread fast. =P

Okay first off, Stray I will get on MSN real soon, I just need to get my laptop fixed first.
I'm gonna get it sorted before the weekend. Wink

Okay, CJ that free forum looks great. ^_^
I'm glad I've not missed to much though whilst I've been offline. =P

Though I do have some very very grave news on Joey, he is no longer active on the internet.
I tried to get on his site, it looks like he closed it a while ago since it no longer exists.
Though if anyone else can access it please link me now.
But yeah, I knew from the start of summer he was going to leave. =|
I myself was supposed to be leaving...but I can't, I just can't.
You see alot of things both good and bad have happened to me over the summer.
Since the start of September, I realised, what I really need is the site back, Kokiri Kids was very special and to just let it die like that was wrong of me to do, so I do plan on making it reach success again!


I found his site. XD I'm on it now.

Here read what he put not that long ago. Sad


I was really supposed to leave to, but I don't actually think I should, which is why I'm bringing back Kokiri kids.


As for staff members at the new KK.com, well lets just say for those of you who are sticking around and have been sticking around all summer, well rewards will be given I can assure you.
But yeah Stray I suppose once the main site is up and running we will need staff members. =P
But as my first act of re opening Kokiri Kids, I am bringing CJ in on board with developing it with me.
I've also spoken with Agrippa and he wants to help aswell, so really I guess together we can ALL build the site back up.

But I'm thinking outside of the box this time around, I plan on making the homepage before the forum is launched.
But I am waiting on wether or not Alpha is up for it, I hope he is, but if now, I am sure us lot can restore the site. =P
>_> There is one minor problem, after the hack when no back ups were found, Shafty sent me all my money back for the site and since has just used it for well...see for your self...-____-... www.kokirikids.com

Anyway, Cj activate my account on the other site for me mate, I never gor the email from the site to activate my account. V_V

Well I will give Shafty a ring and make him give me the domain, infact that is one of my better plans, since the site is only a video search engine it is well...worthless and should cost no more than 20 pounds to buy. =P
But the VB well...>_> that is another story.

Oh and CJ, in the end I declined my brother and I've decided not to sell my Ps3. >_>
Which means I'll just have to put off buy WarioLand for the Wii for a couple of months and pay for the VB. =P Razz

Anyway, I'm off now, I have much to do if we wanna get the site up and running real soon. Wink

I'll check in after the weekend!


I can't seem to keep away. =P
Well I have some news...good news. ^_^

Since I'm thinking OUTSIDE of the box I was thinking of not just concentrating on the forum this time round but making the whole KK site HUGE!

I don't just want the normal VB arcade I was to add an arcade to the homepage and have a review section on the homepage and I also plan on having something VERY VERY special this time round, now I'm not going to tell you yet but put it this way, this time with a little secret thing, the homepage will certainly get more hits than the forum with this. =P

Also this time round when you join the forum you will automaticly have an account on the homepage to sign into and vice a versa. =P

But seriously, I have a HUGE ace up my sleeve. =P
I could tell you what I'm planning now, but you know how much I like to wind you all up and make you wait. ^_^

Anyway, on a lighter note with all these major things coming for the homepage I will need not only mod's and admin's, but other sorts of staff members. Wink

Anyway spread the word, I want most of our active members back ASAP.
There seems to still be alot of us missing. =|

CB's posts from SS.

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Re: Well I have made my return.

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