Hey, I'm new, but old

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Hey, I'm new, but old

Post  Zeldabrutha on Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:07 pm

Hey, I used to belong to the kokiri kids.com site a long time ago, i dont know why i stopped going there, but i do remember seeing hyrulian-royalty, skull-kid007 (i think that was his name), and chaos-black. i cant remember a whole lot of people that were there, i think kokiri-kid was the creator, and if anybody remembers i was the crazy kid who liked apples, i self-role played a fight against myself in the chat window once i learned how to make my name pop out to the side like that, if that doesnt jog anybody's memory of who i am, then oh wells. i cant really garuntee i'll be an active member, but I'll try to come on once in a while


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